G l o b a l  S c r e e n i n g  D a y


Is it suitable for everyone to watch?

The film is suitable for all ages but is aimed at those with an interest in languages and the arts.

When can I screen the film?

We would like as many people as possible to hold a screening on 21st October 2017. However, the film will still be available for screening after this date, please get in touch for the details.

What kind of venue can I screen in?

Anywhere can become a screening venue – a local cinema, your home, pubs, university lecture theatres, outdoor places and so on. Check if a venue has screening equipment or if you need to organise your own projector and speakers. We cannot provide you with venues or equipment but may be able to assist you in finding solutions.

How can I access and screen the film?

You can download video files from our website. Alternatively, we can send you a DVD.

How long is the film?

72 minutes long.

Registration here

Screening Fees

Various, depending on the size of venue and number of people from £15.00 upwards.

Saturday 21 October 2017

When do I need to book this by?

Please register your interest as soon as possible.
For screenings on Global Screening Day, please book by 30 September.