Main Contents of Plena Rondo

□ Interviews with two Japanese linguists (Goro Christoph Kimura and Hidenori Kadoya) explaining:

   The current situation of dying languages; Relation of language to political power; How English   
   became “The” international language; The history of Esperanto (A constructed international
   language, created by L.L. Zamenhof, a Jewish linguist)

□ The process shows the artist studying the language and taking exams

□ The story of an Esperantist who used self-immolation as a protest against the Vietnam war in front of
   the Prime Minister's Office

□ Documentation of The World Congress of Esperanto held in Buenos Aires; Interview with the
   president of the organization (Mark Fettes, UEA) discussing Esperanto’s relationship to wider humanitarian aims

□ Live Esperanto rock music by Supernova

□ An action day (promotion day in the street)

□ Live Football, Team Esperanto vs Team Buenos Aires